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Renewable Microgrids

Stand-alone, centralized, and concentrated power systems can be customized and deployed at any scale in any location convenient to customer's operations or fuel supplies for outward power distribution. 


Our renewable microgrid systems combine high-output solar components with state-of-the-art super capacitor energy storage technology.  The microgrid is controlled by a next-generation energy management software system which improves power quality, increases system reliability, and maximizes efficiency. 

Microgrids are capable of utilizing existing distribution networks to deliver consistent and reliable power generated on location throughout the connected network and allow customers to operate independently from the grid.

These systems are economically beneficial, offering a short payback with a long design life. 

Energy Storage Systems
An energy storage system (ESS) is a critical component in power generation augmenting resources from solar, wind, and fossil fuels to demand side resources and system efficiency assets.  It can act as a generation, transmission, or distribution asset - sometimes as a single asset.  An ESS can save customers money by improving reliability and resilience, integrating generation sources, and helping to reduce environmental impacts.

Effective energy storage conditions and stabilizes delivery of variable or intermittent resources such as solar and wind by storing excess energy for use when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing.  Efficient delivery of electricity for inflexible, baseload resources is supported by an ESS.


Energy storage  introduces more flexibility to the power generation system and helps integrate more solar, wind, and other distributed energy sources improving the efficiency of the power generation system and increasing the capacity factor of existing resources.  

Crypto Mining Solutions

Kisosen has entered into strategic partnerships with cryptocurrency mining companies and oil & gas companies to provide affordable, off-grid power solutions to customers seeking capacity and mining space. 


Our renewable microgrids and energy storage systems provide electricity for mobile and stationary mining operations and are the perfect combination of scaleability and affordability which is paramount to a successful cryptocurrency mining operation.


As the price of electricity continues to climb and capacity for grid-supported mining becomes more difficult to attain from traditional utility providers, our microgrid systems supply an alternative, enabling companies to better manage the short-term costs of mining and market volatility while staying focused on the long-term rewards. 

Carbon Offsets & Credits


A carbon offset, or credit, can be sold via a certificate or permit representing the right to emit one ton of CO2 equivalent, which also includes other greenhouse gases (GHG).  

The global impact and value of carbon credits is beginning to be felt as more and more countries adopt stricter GHG emissions regulations and cap carbon pollution allowances acknowledging that "putting a price on carbon pollution reduces emissions and encourages innovation."  

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