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Kisosen Energy is an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) company that has devised a way to generate electricity in the new "Green World" for clients who need clean, renewable power while maximizing return on investment for equity partners from multiple revenue streams.  Kisosen has clients who require electricity to be generated from alternative sources like a micro-generation grid due to their facilities being situated in remote locations or the lack of available power from local utility providers.

The pursuit of carbon neutrality is driving the global shift to "green" energy as more and more businesses adopt green initiatives to reduce their company's carbon footprint.  This green shift will have a direct and long-lasting effect on a company's bottom line as government pressure increases and imposes more restrictions and regulations; which continue to become tighter and more stringent.     

Kisosen's solution integrates the latest and greatest green technologies available into in a hybrid, micro-generation system comprised of a solar component, an energy storage system (ESS), and a natural gas generator as backup.  All of the components are controlled by an advanced energy management software system which maintains maximum efficiency and balance between all of the components. 


The system is designed to efficiently produce the electricity required to operate a facility while producing the greatest amount of financial mechanisms such as renewable energy certificates (RECs), carbon credits and offsets, and federal investment tax credits (ITCs).  The system has a projected shelf life of 25-30 years and can withstand the test of time in the harshest of environments.

By partnering with Kisosen, clients and investors alike can take full advantage of the trending global narrative of catastrophic climate change which is fueling the worldwide shift to renewable energy.  Utilizing Kisosen's business strategy, clients can accelerate their green initiatives without large capital expenditures associated with the construction of new, renewable power generating facilities.  Without having to reallocate valuable time and capital resources, clients are able to immediately begin achieving their carbon neutrality goals without losing focus on their primary business.  

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