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1.77 MW Microgrid

1.77 MW microgrid generating electricity for 87 wells from a hybrid system composed of a solar component, energy storage system, and natural gas generator.


Dimmit County, Texas, USA

Well PadMini-Microgrids

Small-scale microgrids composed of a solar component, energy storage system, and diesel generator.  Pad sites in 1-well, 2-well, and 4-well configurations.

Dimmit County, Texas, USA

50 MW Solar Field

50 MW grid-tied solar field.

Crane County, Texas, USA


Sustainable Future Ranchlands Facility

Multi-faceted, forward-thinking land development.

Weld County, Colorado, USA


250 MW Solar Field

250 MW grid-tied solar field.

Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska, USA


Flare Gas Mitgation
Cryptocurrency Mining

Utilizing stranded natural gas to generate electricity onsite for mining cryptocurrency and selling excess power to the local electric distribution system that delivers energy to homes, businesses, and farms across the province.

Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada

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